University Of Toronto NSBE Hackathon

Four-Tips: Making life simpler for Type-4 individuals

We exist to support Black Heritage. Black hair. Black culure.

Problem Statement

How might we create a platform that helps Type-Four Individuals?

This was the question that our small team of 3 asked ourselves during our very first meeting. Our end goal was to create a cohesive narrative that the user would be able to follow from the first point of contact with our platform.

Planning Session

With a plan set, we were able to delegate roles. I was assigned the Presenter, Product Manager, & Back-End Engineer. My teammate Maureen was assigned the Front-End Developer and Lea, our product researcher and designer. Time to put that work in!

The Solution

AI to the rescue

The finished result was a web-application that leveraged Google Object Classification and had a user upload a photo. From there we designed an API that would take that picture and analyze to the training data. After that was done it would generate a response and communicate it with our API.

The result would be displayed to the user with options on product recommendations and healthy habitis to follow. Future state would have us intergrate a map with the closest salons and barbers for haircuts or buying products.


In all, I was proud of what our team was able to accomplish together. As my first time leading a non-technical team at this scale, I learned a lot about working within a team and designing for the end-user in mind. Also, how important communication is to succeed!

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